Garorock 19′

Garorock 19′

This was my third and best year working at Garorock festival. It’s a 4 days music event with camping that takes place in Marmande south of France. It was HOT ! Big success, 160 000 peoples over the weekend arriving mostly from the surrounding areas. No issues at the event, great management from the leaders there. Concert site doors only opens around 5 PM, so it’s always quite a party in the campgrounds!

This is my favourite French event to work at and by far the best work atmosphere I’ve had the chance to experience. They have a hard working team that’s been at the core of the event for many years now, they are lovely and always make our (external provider) crew feel welcome, everyone is friendly and willing to help you even if they are busy and from other departments. You can truly tell that people care about the festival and it’s patrons. It is a pretty relax vibes and less strict rules compare to any large scale north-american events. To be honest, it was quite a culture shock my first time there !

Every year they grow, now sold out most days, and since the giant Vivendi bought the festival, a slow transition has started, but with a will to not impact too much the spirit of the event. There has been a few changes, but the festival team stay true to their roots (punks/alternative). The festival is expected to almost double in attendance in the next years, curious to see how it will influence the work experience there…

Thank you Garorock ! Big up for a fabulous 2019 edition !

Also, love the name with the double pun….  » Gare-au-Rock / Garo(nne)-Rock »

As I was very busy this year, did not have have a chance to take many pictures sadly… So I will cheat a little and share some from the events 😉 CC: La Clef

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