Bahidorá Carnaval 19′

Bahidorá Carnaval 19′

An amazing experience !

We were at Bahidorá for 10 days to present an immersive art installation and to join their local deco crew.  I worked/played everyday in the nature and enjoyed the local culture, the park and the cool crew. It was my first time visiting Mexico!

The event is located on a incredible site, with a beautiful natural crystal clear river. You can float from one stage to the next and most important, go for a swim after a hot day of build up ! We stayed on site, ate a lot of good tacos, and met a lot of cool people! The event (like the build&load out) were really fast, it’s super impressive to see some of the stages go up in only 24h. A lot of people working non-stop to create the perfect playground, from different countries, all in harmony. What a blast !

Great line-up and ground layout. There are so many hidden gems at that event, the more your explore the better it gets. The main stages are fun but wait until you stumble into hidden jungle parties ?  Really enjoyed the art circuit, there was a lot of effort put into creating outside the main paths, with very innovative projects, which gives everyone’s a chance to have a  personal experience.  A lot of talented artists took involved in creating this magical dream. Lots of love for that Festival and the crew, big up guys ! 


Mr. Grey