Festival GoodVibes 22′

Festival GoodVibes 22′

GoodVibes is a small gathering held at the waterfalls of Sainte-Agathe-de-Lotbinière, QC, Canada. It is a magical place to begin with, and in one week gets filled with amazing art installations and stages set up around paths in the forest. Our team of 4 from the Kanata Creations crew installed 2 projects :

 »Yaourt v2 » was an interactive video installation that used a Kinect v2 and Touchdesigner to let people play with a melty generative background. We set up 6 recycled TVs & screens with a little dance area, near the second stage.

 »Fleurs de vinyles », made of 500 old vinyl records, like a new species invading the forest. With lights and a soundtrack composed by our friend Toma Sound Factory.

It was a beautiful playground to explore over 4 days, with amazing acts. The cold water of the river was perfect during the hot days after a night of dancing. It was some of my bests experiences at a festival held in Québec. Great campgrounds, highly recommended ! Thanks and much love to the Festoche Bamboche Crew for having us.

Mr. Grey