Envision 20′

Envision 20′

Envision is a very special gathering and one of my favourite event in the world. It takes places in the jungle of Costa Rica, on Playa Hermosa near Uvita. It’s a pretty unique format, it is like no other gig I get to do… we build deco for 3 weeks, enjoy the event, take it down and then enjoy a week of decompression in magical Costa Rica.

Envision is a music, dance, education, spirituality, yoga,  and so much more. It’s a beautiful playground full of beautiful people, who are looking to connect, exchange and shake their booties. For it’s 10th aniversary the festival extended to 7 days and received 10 000 people from all over the world (but mostly from the west coast of the US) 

It was my third year with the decor crew and this time we were dedicated to the VIP camping  »La Sombra ». We had 86 rooms to prepare for the guest, Bungalows(single), Suites (Double) and Tree-house (Double luxe), as well as a dinning/lounge are, a beauty salon, shower and a concierge entrance. As always working in the jungle can be pretty rough, but what a incredible experience. I always learn a lot being down there, in a environement that can push you to your limits and facing unsual challenges. I fucking love it! 

It is a very unique work/volunteer/staff experience even for a festival. Awesome talented and creative people show up to build a village and incredible art installation, so many ressources and efforts deployed… It is truly magical, a experience like nothing elese, a place where you can let go and also grow. Big up guys ! 

For me, it’s the perfect off season gig/adventure, I get to surf everyday, work outside with my hands, meet passionate people, learn, party with friends and the most important : I leave that place refilled of a feeling of hope for the world. Thank you Envision for inviting us, thank you to all of the great people I met there, we’ll see you all again soon I hope ! 


A few extra pictures from the official pics, check out their facebook HERE for more ! 


Mr. Grey