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Check out the Event Ops Collective (EOC) – cool family, lots of greats opportunities

Check out the coolest staff and show company in Québec – LE HALL

Check out the great work from our friends at Life Under The Wheel ! At Life Under the Wheel we want to share the magic and richness of the music festival experience with music lovers who are living with a life-threatening illness. We hope to provide these individuals with an extraordinary journey filled with community, joy, positivity, and long-lasting memories. We welcome music lovers living with a life-threatening illness to submit an application here. We also invite friends, family, social workers, healthcare professionals, and community organizations to nominate individuals they believe would benefit from our program.  You can submit a nomination form here.

If you choose to use, choose to inform yourself »
The GRIP is a non-profit organisation and a registered charity founded in 1997. Its mission is to reduce the harm associated with the use of psychoactive substances and preventing their problematic uses.